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I just wanted to write about this issue called, homesick. Well, what really homesick all about?
Homesick can be defined as a feeling of alone and sad because you are far from home. To tell the truth, I never live far away or separated from my parents and family for almost 18 years old I live in this world. When I got a chance to further study in UKM which located in Bangi, Selangor, I was very delighted and happy. Aside, it is far from my hometown in Kedah. I never had a homesickness syndrome throughout my years in UKM because I trained myself to not too. UKM was always my dream university since I was in primary school, influenced by the local novels. So, when I got a chance to pursue my degree here, why should I be sad, right? The most important thing is, my parents also never worried about me staying in another state because according to them I am an independent lady and a person who can fit to live anywhere she wants to live. Lol.. It means that I can survive wherever I go :))

But then, I saw a lot of my friends on social media post about them being homesick. I can understand if you feeling lonely and sad when you live/stay far away from your home, where your parents and family are BUT, I couldn't understand when they keep tweeting on Twitter, posting on Instagram or update a status on Facebook every single day without failed about being homesick. It is normal to feel that especially if this is your first time to separate with your parents, just not to write about it on all your social media every day. I mean, common guys...if your university still in Malaysia, still near your home, you should be thankful because you can go back to your home whenever you want or your parents will come to visit you...what about the other who's university in abroad? I clearly can't accept about you guys being homesick. We are already into the adult's world, so, we should act like one. Besides, it's already our three years in university soon to be a graduate, I think it's not appropriate to feel homesick anymore. If you can survive your first year living far from your parents then, it shouldn't be a big problem for another year... ain't? Guess, we are different in how we handle our emotion to not let us feeling down. I called my parents every night, texting them over the day and even WhatsApp them every hour. Hear their voices on the phone made me calm and happy for no reason. Sharing a lof of stuff with mama and abah, ask how their day are, what is mama's cook for today and laughing with them through the phone has made my day. I also missing my parents every day and whenever I feeling down into memory lane (cewah) haha, I will asking Allah to protect them, to take care of them for me, make them happy, healthy and joyous for every single day of their life. Instead of posted on social media, why not you guys ask Allah SWT, not in prayers only but in anywhere anytime you guys feel homesick.

I know, maybe by expressed in social media can make you happy..then, go ahead. I won't judge (Did I judge it on my post, no?) lol (^_^)v It just sometimes I feel annoyed about it. Haha guess I am old already :p

P/S: It's not too late to wish Happy Labour Day to everyone. May we all will be richest in here and hereafter. By the way, do you guys hear the sounds of the bell marking my birthday is coming in a few days? hehe :))))