Ego #1

Kalau balik rumah, Ariesya wajib tidoq dengan kakak. So, aku balik rumah baru-baru ni..nak sambut Ramadhan dengan family la. Tiap-tiap malam sebelum tidoq mesti aku akan cakap macam nie kat Ariesya, "yang, peluk kakak yang. Sya belagak la nie takmau peluk kakak." *sambil buat muka sedih*
Then, tahu apa dia balas malam tu? Dia cakap,
"Kak aya, kak ayakan kakak. Kakak la kena peluk adik, bukannya adik peluk kakak. Ish tu pon nak kena ajaq" K TERUS SENTAP. Baru kakak tau ego Ariesya tinggi noh. Fine, kakak tak kisah. Kakak tak ego *sambil peluk sayang*..Erghh
Kakak rindu sya. Membesar jadi anak gadis yang cergas dan pintar ye sayang? I love you :*

History on 2016 to start? Ermmm welll urmmmm it's about an accident which I will not able to forget. Uhm NO. I don't want to forget about it because that's one of my greatest memory on this year to be highlight. 

               Cenggini cerita dia.. on Wednesday, June 1, I was driving somewhere with my sister from Bangi to Putrajaya to Damansara then KL with a not-so-many-fuel-on the tank. We just gamble like 'ermm okay I think the fuel was enough for us to go back but if not, we can fill the fuel at the gas station somewhere in KL.' - That what we thought  so we just go on like what we had decide. Actually my sister came to pick me up at my college in 10 am maybe but I am so sleepy cause I just came back from Kedai roti canai Pokok Nangka in Teras Jernang with akak master next door. I had a little accident after eating the roti canai (roti tampal and roti kosong plus teh tarik. The roti canai there are superb marvellous I told you). That were what I ate. I know I ate like a monster but who cares cause I am starving at that time- Did not sleep through the night and whatsapp akak master to makan roti canai. After done with our breakfast at the stall, I felt dizzy and nausea both in my head and stomach. I want to puke but akak said she wants to fill the fuel at Petronas later so I thought okay I can go to the ladies at Petronas. But I did not puke in the Petronas. I did puke when we already in our college. I jump out from the car (literally) then puke in the drain. All my roti canai and teh tarik goes to the drain. Kudos to you (U_U). I realized that I need to sleep to gain back my energy and I went staraight to my block, open my scarf and went to the toilet to basuh muka and kumur mulut then back to my rooom kebabooommmm... Then around one hour something like that somewhere knocking my door which was my sister. She was scolded me because we already planned to do some shopping but me look so horrible with just woke up from sleep and did not shower yet but I told her I already had my bath and just came back from the breakfast and gave me some time to sleep. While in sleeping, I heard she talk to someone on the phone and ohhh she talk to my family probably they kutuk-kutuk me like ohhh dia dahlah bersiap lama dah tu mandi pon lama and I remembered, I said arghhh orang dah mandilah cuma tak cukup tidoq ja. Then, I slept back LOL. 

              At 3pm to be precise, we went out straight to makan at some kedai ala rumah bangi and to Bangi Sentral looking for baju raya and pallazo for mama. After that we just round round Bangi and Putrajaya...and I craving for meatballs from IKEA and doughnut from Dottys. We headed to TTDI and Damansara- on our way there, I said to my sister 'nak isi minyak dekat highway or not?' she replied 'sebelum balik kita isi. sempat ni'. - The meter showed we can go more than 70km. So yeah, we did not fill the tank. I drove from Bangi to Damansara with the meter tank showed only 75km the car can go. In the end, we did not went to TTDI nor Damansara. We changed our route to Bangsar Village to go to Fashion Valet outlet and then, KL because I want to try some foods in Dopio cafe located in Tabung Haji Tower in KL. The clock show 5.40 pm and the cafe will closed at 8pm on the weekdays so I thought sempat kot. But of course my prediction was TOTALLY WRONG (X). The road was heavily congested with cars and we were like what was still early (we arrived in KL around 4.30pm) did not expect the workers will went out early. At that time, the fuel's meter already 'kelip-kelip' to indicate that the care was running out of the fuel but we husnuzon thinking that the jam probably wont last long we can still survive untill we found the gas station. We stuck in the jam almost 4hours in the middle of KL near Ampang Park and that the started of our panicking. When I press the car's gear, dia dah semput sikit. My sister dah marah I dah sambil membebel 'KL time macam ni memang jam' but I said to her "I forgot that it was school holiday so that's why KL sesak semacam'. Idk why people who do not live in KL so teruja to come here when the school holiday. Can they go to relaxing place other than stressing place like KL? From the right lane, I gave signal to go to the left lane due to running out of the fuel and we surely dont want to add more reason to the congested issue at the moment dan juga mangsa makian driver-driver yang lain. It was quite hard yknow because there was a lot of car and they dont want to give you the chance to move your car- well that's Malaysian we talking about..fuhhhhh. It's better for you move to the side which you can stop your car or have the emergency lane so that people will know you are in trouble. I parked my car in Ampang park - at the bus stop but it's okay you are on emergency. I went out from my car..running to other side of the road to find any policemen in that area. 20 minutes walking, I saw the police's van in front of Continental Hotel. Phewww penat meh jalan dari seberang to there. Berpeluh-peluh -_-'. I approached a Malay policemen told him what my problem was with my tersekat-sekat percakapan sebab penat. He said, wait ahh I will ask my friend to help u' sambil membebel apalah lama sangat pergi tandas kat kawan dia. So, half an hour after that (lama kan?), the friend finally show Indian policemen. The malay policemen ask the indian policemen to go to gas station while giving him a few small mineral bottle to fill the oil for my car. I told him my car's number and both of them said ''orang utaraaa" and I realized one of them of course from the north also. I went back to the car, redah jalan jam sebab kereta tak boleh gerak so that's why berani je. hahaha lol. Told my sister about that little conversation I had with them (its long actually but I cut it off). We waited for him and 16 minutes later maybe, the police came with the petrol and all people in the cars were staring at us and wondered what had happened. The Indian police help us to fill the fuel for the car and did not want to take the money for the petrol. He said "I am from Penang also. Don't have to bayar lahh"  and my sister and I was like "No please take the money. At least for kopi or dinner?". He replied "NO. It's nothing la tak sampai berapa ringgit pon." Kitaorang dah serba salah dah sebab hulur dua tiga kali still insist takmau ambil so, okay. After saying our REALLY appreciation to him, thanking him the he blah. We laughing out loud in the car thinking about what had happened..malu, risau, bimbang and panik. Fikir macam mana kalau kereta mati tengah jalan confrm kena maki and hon berleluasa pakat tuju dekat kami. Lucky juga sempat pergi lane kiri untuk berhenti the car and met a very nice Indian police. Just because we are from the north, he did a good deed for us which we will not forgot it untill we die.

Thank you, A big thank you would not enough but I pray for your successful in your job and keep doing a good deed to all the people. Even I forgot to see your name because of the chaotic situation, We will remember you as a kind policemen. Arigatou Gozaimaz.
I know it's a very long post but who cares? Just read if you want. :)

p/s: We are not from Penang, We are from Kedah. I already told the, but they did not heard it I gues. All in all, we are Malaysian and we should be united no matter what our race, culture and religion. We are 1 Malaysia, remember? heh :P