A Day with Family in Gunung Jerai

Hi, Assalamualaikum

Here is a quick update and will posting a lot of picture. So, bear with me :D

Last month, my family and I went up to Jerai Hill in Gurun located in Kedah. I honestly love this place more than Cameron Highland and Bukit Tinggi. The view up the hill was really inconceivable because it's too pretty and amazing, MashaAllah. It's really cold and windy and fresh.

Well, let's not waste our time by write and reading..

I took a picture here because of the landscape. I love how the result turns out. 

In this picture, you can clearly see mama, abah and sayang photomb my photo.

Forever my baby girl, Ariesya Nur Dania.

Abah and sayang walk hand by hand. Heart this photo damn much!

Me fefeeling like a model...hihi

Ladies in the family- mama, anis, sayang and me.

Ermm what I'm thinking while taking this photo? About you maybe? hehehehe

 P/s: You guys should come here. I promise you that no regret when coming here. It's all amazing and superb. Besides, it's FREE means no fee need to pay. Let's visit Kedah!

Final Year Presentation (FYP)


As I promised before in my twitter, I will tell you about my FYP presentation on 16th December.
It is still not too late, ain't?

Tell you the truth huh, wifi in UKM is so damn slow even the snails can be faster than this ukm wifi *sigh*. That is why I can't even update my blog due to this reason. Actually, it's always the same problem for the past three years I was here and it's never been upgraded to be better even we change it to Maxis provider.

Okay, back to the main topic. All the ELS's (English Language Studies) students know that we will have presentation for our mini-thesis on this semester yet we don't know when. Then, we get a notice saying that the presentation will be held on 16th December which is around two more freaking weeks. OMG whatttt I don't recall I even meet my supervisor but hey for the sake of this I need to meet my SV. I NEED TO MEET MY SV I REPEAT. It's not like I don't like my SV but I still clearly remember what DR Salleh, my lecturer, asking me on last semester during our Research Methodology tutorial, WHO IS YOUR SUPERVISOR, AALIA?

Me: 'DR Tan...'
DR Salleh: ohh aalia, her scope is corpus y'know so boring laaa
Me: ermmmm ohhh.. ngeee (I don't know how to react)
DR Salleh: but she is okay.
Me: I feel relieved.

Well, let's facing the reality with a brave heart and have a strong will. No matter how hard it is, you can do it. If Malaysia Boleh, you also can la! The motto I always said to myself :). Yeah, I already have a title and a brief plan for my project. What I need to do next is just explain and show it to my SV and then pooff settle. But y'know that is all a dream because when you make an appointment to make your busy SV, and the day you meet her...all your dream crashes with reality. She technically saying, "Naa I don't like your research title but it is too late if we want to change the title. So, proceed what you have done. Just repair your problem statement and your objective. You need proof for every problem statement you had mentioned. If you can finish it by this week, meet me next week. If not, don't meet me at all." Phewww berasap guysss :( #notreallyagoodfirstmeeting #Iamsad

Without having proper sleep and meal, I keep thinking about it night and day, 24/7. I basically, do not know what to edit and keep google, doing research regarding my topic. Finally, the night before the presentation day, I got a f****** brilliant idea and poof just like that I survive my proposal presentation with flying colours. I'm in seventh in heaven after that. It was worth my not-enough-sleep and all related things. I MANAGE DO IT WELL and my SV was all lost of words to ask me any questions. I just got a question from another SV regarding my literature review but I can answer it confidently.

Alhamdulillah, the thing that I worried the most is always turn out the best in myself. What I can tell you guys is never lose hope in your life. Keep being positive and calm down every little nerve in yourself. THE MOST IMPORTANCE THING YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT WHEN HAVING DIFFULTIES IN YOURLIFE IS THE DEPENDING ON ALLAH is always a must. Never stop praying and make du'a for Him to ease everything you do in your life. He will help you in your worst and make it the best for you. He will never disappoint you as long as you believe on Him and put all your trust in Him. Remember, Solat is important and your connection to Him also.

Face after done with presentation. Alhamdullilah, berkat doa mama abah, I manage to do it well.

and one with my funny yet straight SV

Till then I guess. Good luck to everyone who will have their finals on next week. Mine will start next year technically, behee (^_^)v. Pray for my successful guyss. May I graduate on time too :)

A Quick Getaway to Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi

I have been wanted to go to Bukit Tinggi since forever. I read a lot of good reviews about this place and even was mentioned a lot in some of the local novels. They said it is a romantic place for the honeymoon with a great view and amazing landscape. So, with all the superb reviews I heard, I am very excited to go there when I was 15 years old (maybe?). But, until I reaching 20 years old, I still could not able to go there because of there is too many places that I want to go end up, Bukit Tinggi is not on the first choice.

Yesterday, when my kakak slept here with me in my college room, she just said 'let's go to Bukit Tinggi today" but I replied, ''cannot la nis, I have a load of assingment needs to be done." T.T Then I realised that even I just stay in my room, my work still not working and why not going out to have a little bit of chill. Later I said "yes anis. Let's go there'". Actually, we had been planned to go to Bukit Tinggi but we misplaced it thought it was located in Fraser Hill - blame us for not familiar with our country geographical thingy. Hahaha.. in then end, we end up in Fraser Hill the last two month before. This past few week until 16 December is a very torture week for me as a final year student. There is a lot of things like the task, presentation and fyp need to be done and I almost dying because of that. I tweet my sister last Friday that 'I am stress and need a getaway soon. Bukit Tinggi perhaps?'. She replied my tweet via WhatsApp,

"you sure want to go there?"
"No, I'm not sure. Let's go to IKEA then. I've been craving for meatballs since the middle week of the semester"

Then, she did not respond to it. What the....!!!! but my sister she was like that. Still, she coming all the way from Puchong to Bangi and ask me to go out. So, yeah I got my meatballs and a lot of food. Nyum (^_^)V . After that, we went to MAHA in MAEPS, Serdang. MAHA basically an expo of agriculture and so on. If you are young at heart or doesn't have much interest in fruits, flowers and agriculture, I don't suggest you to go there. Besides you need to pay for RM5 for the parking ticket, you also need to walk very far from the expo take place. There was nothing that attracts my eyes..it was bored for me with a lot of crowds. We just bought 'rojak buah' then went back to college.

On Saturday's morning at 10am, my sister just came with an idea to go up Bukit Tinggi. We went there from UKM at 12pm after telling our parents about our planned and reached Bukit Tinggi at 3.15pm. Not very far from KL-Pahang when you had been used to drive in a very long hour, like me. Beheee xD To tell truth, I went there without any penny on my purse. Maybe I had but only the coins all I have at that moment. My sister only had RM50. After fill the oil tank RM30, she had RM20 only but we all managed to reach Bukit Tinggi with the cost. The fee to enter it (Yeah, we basically doesn;t know that there have fee for the entrance- only thought you need to pay if you want to wear Kimono) but the entrance fee is RM15 for adult and RM8 for kids. Both of us are adult so we need to pay RM30. Like I said, we only have RM20 and the coins that's not only reached rm2 how can we paid it????????? The ticket-man was very hunk with a light brown's eyes and fair skin, he allowed us to go up there without paid the ticket. He is such a kind-hearted man with a good looking face. OMG I AM FALL IN LOVE AT THE MOMENTS TOWARDS THAT GUY. I FORGOT TO ASK HIS NAME WHAT A SHAME. tsk...there goes my so called 'takde jodoh'. kahkahkah That guys must be thinking "Lol, dah xde duit gigih mai buat apa duk ja la kat rumah tu". We have money, okay but we thought they have ATM up there but no okay. So guys, bring cash if you want to go Bukit Tinggi. Debit or credit if you want to buy foods, you can use that. We keep laughing at the accident we encountered with the ticket-man and thankful how lucky we are to get in for free. Hihihi

Up the hill, near the French Village, there was dinner for the VIP and VVIP of Malaysia because there was minister attend it. Arrived at the village, the weather is cold and like the reviews I had read, the view is amazing and superb. We go there just to calm our mind and stress. Overall for our trip there, we were lucky not to pay the entrance fee because it is not worth it just to take pictures only without doing nothing there. WHAT WE DID WERE JUST TAKING SELFIE AND PHOTOS AND EAT. The cheese pizza and spaghetti Aglio olio at the French Restaurant I told you was sinfully delicious- minus the price. I can rate my journey there 9/10. 9 because of the nice ticket-man only and the bus provided by the company for the visitors.

Life as a Final Year Student

Hello December,

It's always the month that I will look forward to because there has been two birthday in my family which my dad and my brother's birthday.  It's also because it is the last month of the year. I wish it will also be the best month for me to end this year.

As I told before, I am in the last year as a student in National University of Malaysia (UKM), major in English. Well, to be truth, I still in dilemma and denial that I have to do a thesis. It's not hard but when it comes to an idea of what topic you gonna do, you will be lost. Trust me! I have a lot of presentation and assingment that need to be done in this month but too lazy to do that T.T. The most important thing is I have to present the three chapter of my FYP on this coming 16th December which I do not prepare anything yet. Screwed me up big time baby!!!!!!!!

Dear Allah, help and guide me through thick and thin. I want to make them proud and myself too. I want to graduate on time also.

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Tick Tock Tick Tock the time is running out..... 
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