It has been two weeks I've started my internship in Pusat Komunikasi Korporat UKM, Bangi. I've got a lot of questions from my pakcik makcik, cousin and friends about my internship. They asked me why I choose UKM as my LI placement whereas I'm doing my degree also in UKM. Lol, is it what we called 'Jodoh?" hehehe..

Well, to answer everyone's question..I apply only three companies for my LI placement. When I told about this to my parents, they were like 'seriously aalia? Awat sikit sangat? Orang minta la banyak sikit bagi peluang tu tinggi untuk dapat dalam masa terdekat bla bla bla..' And my answer to the them was " Ma, abah...orang minta company yang orang minat ja la. Bahagian yang orang expert. Kalau main minta ja kang orang dapat, orang tak suka macam mana?'. Little, they accept my excuse because you know, my parents are among considerate people that I have ever encountered in my life ❤. Most of my classmates, I know some of them apply more than six companies and that shocking me. I felt nervous after I know about that maybe because they really work hard for our LI placement since we need to compete with a lot of students form other universities and not so many companies needed an intern. Sigh 10x !!! Urghhh I'm gonna be okay and I will get my placement for my LI.

Ohhh forgot to mention, I also upload my resume via and After my posting, I got a lot of phone calls from companies that have review my resume on that websites. I didn't said yes to all the phone calls if they asked me for an interview. This is because I read a lot of scam companies around Kuala Lumpur and that scared me to death. LOL- not really, I'm just being careful for my future career :') I google their company's name and yeahhhh some of them were a scam company. I was like, 'Lucky you Aalia you checking them first on reviews of their company and reject theirs interview. Syukur.' Then, the company I really wanted the most called me. I admit that I was really happy over the moon when I get the phone call from them but in the end, it's not goes well. The reason was, they want me to start my LI on May and clearly, I'm not finished with my study yet, hence, my viva was on the line. I declined their offer and I cried. Clearly, macam mana I takde jodoh dengan dia..begitu juga dengan company tersebut. No, big girl don't cry. Next, I got offer from Genting Berhad as well but I also declined it because urghhh I don't want to work on shift. It just for practical for god sake. Lastly, my dad asked me to just apply in UKM. He said it is easy for me to do my LI in UKM since I don't need to think about the accommodation issue like where to stay and where to rent. I accept his proposal and on my last day in UKM after my final exam, I sent my resume to Pusat Komunikasi Korporat (PKK) UKM at Canselori building. Lastly, one week after eidulfitri, I got a call from them and I got accepted. The end.

I choose PKK because there is the word ''communication''. As long as there is communication, I will apply it. I really like to do the talking and involve my self with something related to it since I have highly skill in communication- approved by people who knows me well and myself, too.☺ Now, I kinda enjoying my work here. Currently, cover events in UKM and make a news for it to be published in UKM's magazines. I'm doing both languages (Bahasa Melayu and English version) meh (-_-)'. I'm gonna stop my writing here. Be happy, be bold and be confidence in whatever you're doing right now. May all the goodness and kindness in this world belong to us.

P/s: Doakan agar I dapat GOT on this October. I really need everyone's du'a for it ! (^_^)


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I just wanted to write about this issue called, homesick. Well, what really homesick all about?
Homesick can be defined as a feeling of alone and sad because you are far from home. To tell the truth, I never live far away or separated from my parents and family for almost 18 years old I live in this world. When I got a chance to further study in UKM which located in Bangi, Selangor, I was very delighted and happy. Aside, it is far from my hometown in Kedah. I never had a homesickness syndrome throughout my years in UKM because I trained myself to not too. UKM was always my dream university since I was in primary school, influenced by the local novels. So, when I got a chance to pursue my degree here, why should I be sad, right? The most important thing is, my parents also never worried about me staying in another state because according to them I am an independent lady and a person who can fit to live anywhere she wants to live. Lol.. It means that I can survive wherever I go :))

But then, I saw a lot of my friends on social media post about them being homesick. I can understand if you feeling lonely and sad when you live/stay far away from your home, where your parents and family are BUT, I couldn't understand when they keep tweeting on Twitter, posting on Instagram or update a status on Facebook every single day without failed about being homesick. It is normal to feel that especially if this is your first time to separate with your parents, just not to write about it on all your social media every day. I mean, common guys...if your university still in Malaysia, still near your home, you should be thankful because you can go back to your home whenever you want or your parents will come to visit you...what about the other who's university in abroad? I clearly can't accept about you guys being homesick. We are already into the adult's world, so, we should act like one. Besides, it's already our three years in university soon to be a graduate, I think it's not appropriate to feel homesick anymore. If you can survive your first year living far from your parents then, it shouldn't be a big problem for another year... ain't? Guess, we are different in how we handle our emotion to not let us feeling down. I called my parents every night, texting them over the day and even WhatsApp them every hour. Hear their voices on the phone made me calm and happy for no reason. Sharing a lof of stuff with mama and abah, ask how their day are, what is mama's cook for today and laughing with them through the phone has made my day. I also missing my parents every day and whenever I feeling down into memory lane (cewah) haha, I will asking Allah to protect them, to take care of them for me, make them happy, healthy and joyous for every single day of their life. Instead of posted on social media, why not you guys ask Allah SWT, not in prayers only but in anywhere anytime you guys feel homesick.

I know, maybe by expressed in social media can make you happy..then, go ahead. I won't judge (Did I judge it on my post, no?) lol (^_^)v It just sometimes I feel annoyed about it. Haha guess I am old already :p

P/S: It's not too late to wish Happy Labour Day to everyone. May we all will be richest in here and hereafter. By the way, do you guys hear the sounds of the bell marking my birthday is coming in a few days? hehe :))))

False Hope

Well, what do you know about False hope?

If according to urban dictionary, false hope is when you look forward to something that has a strong chance of not happening and you may or may not know it. According to me, false hope is when you feel something that it's yours to get but in the end, it's someone else, that is false hope and NO, I'm not talking a false hope in the relationship between men and women. Other than a relationship, we should know that false hope can come in a variety of form. For instance, false hope in an interview for a job or for industrial training (LI). I come to realise even the company calling you for god know how many times for your application but still it will not ensure you to get a place there. Why did you do this to me ??? I was very disappointed and sad 😔. Maybe, it's my fault too because I already set a high expectation after getting calls from your company. But still, you shouldn't give me a false hope at the first place and y'know what, there is a saying that 'false hope is worse than despair' and you giving me that right now. I am beyond hurt. I keep coming to the office back and forth to check whether I already get an offer letter from your company or not, hours by hours checking my mail to see an email from your HR but no, I didn't get any single notification from your side even though I already sent a mail to ask regarding this issue to your HR. I feel anxious and nervous. To make it worst, I even had a dream about it. Tsk that show how hard I'm thinking about a placement for doing the internship.

Despite that, I will stay positive and by next week if I still do not get any email from your HR then I should give up on your company. Next, aim for one of the broadcasting company in this country. Don't give me any false hope anymore, guys because I might not know whether I can face it for second times or not because every rose has its thorn. May Allah lead us to the right path as He is the best planner after all. InshaAllah, God is enough for us and how excellent a Guardian He is - 3:173 💮

For now, I will remain calm and control my composure at my best state I can. Pray for my internship placement guys. I really need everyone's du'a.

Hire me because if you do not hire me, see, I have 7 dwarfs to help me. Lol I'm a very dedicated person :))) 

P/s: I'm having my first false hope syndrome at this moment because of you guys!!! 😢. 

Just Because

I just thinking about something when these words came across my mind :

"Jangan kejam dengan diri sendiri"

or in another words it means

''Don't be cruel to yourself''

I still clearly remember where that quotes came from. A few years ago, I read a malay novel but forgot the title and the author wrote this saying because the male character in the novel facing a really huge problem. He said this to his friend in which literally mean that he don't want to hurt himself anymore. Where enough is enough, stop this suffer imeddiately.

And I'm not at my weakest point yet. Even I fall, I still manage to stand up. I have very high self motivation. Whenever I am in the worst state of my life, I, Aalia Shahira will still shining as diamonds should shine. These words just to remind me that whatever happen in your life, don't ever ever thinking to be cruel to myself. Sometimes we tend to hurt ourself rather than hurting others. Kononnye, nak jaga hati orang tapi hati sendiri yang rabak . Lol tak payah nak baik sangat. Zaman sekarang kalau kau buat baik pon, orang senang pijak dan perkudakan kau. Better kau jaga diri sendiri dengan sebaik mungkin dari manusia-manusia spesies begitu. So, I have decided, I ONLY HAVE ONE HEART and I DON'T WANT TO HURT MY HEART until bleeding just because of someone else. Self love is important - Note to others. Orang selalu cakap perempuan ni lemah. Putus cinta sikit, perempuanlah yang paling merana manakala para lelaki memulakan langkah panjang meneruskan aktiviti mempermainkan perempuan. I didn't say all man, a few, and not all women are pious (tak termasuk pisau cukur, homewrecker dan seangkatan dengannya). Jadi, kalau putus cinta, I cadangkan para wanita untuk bertukar menjadi seorang yang cekal dan berkeyakinan. Jangan ingat sorang laki tinggalkan kita takkan ada lelaki lain yang baik pula. Ramai lelaki baik. I pun ingat dulu takde dah lelaki baik sebab I percaya dengan ayat "all good guy are taken". Ramai lelaki baik I kenal dan minat semua dah berbini so that's why boleh terfikir begitu. Ada je lelaki baik cuma kita tak jumpa lagi. Husnuzon akak-akak semua ye. Jap, apa I melalut cakap soal patah hati cintalah apalah padahal I (read: serious) tak pernah bercinta sepanjang duapuluhtiga tahun hidup. Ohh takk I cuma nak bagi contoh yang mudah sebab kita biasa kejam dengan diri sendiri sebab cinta sometimes. 

Oleh itu, kalau korang berada dalam masalah yang besar ke, putus cinta ke, apa ke, stop hurting and stop being cruel to yourself. Mengadu pada Tuhan dulu, minta petunjuk and calm yourself. Bila hati tenang, fikiran pun tenang, InshaAllah everything gonna be fine and alright. Allah pun tak kejam dengan kita, kenapa kita perlu kejam dengan diri sendiri kan ? I pon sometimes macam tu juga tapi satu benda yang I selalu buat I akan cakap dengan diri sendiri takpun dengan diding ke just to sort off my problem and y'know what ? Magically, I feel better after that. I senyum, tarik nafas dan yesssss let's live your life to the fullest, I told my self.

Jadi, I tinggalkan korang dengan gambar I zaman freshie di UKM sambil berfikir, ' ermm ada tak lelaki kat Malaysia ni muka macam Christos Cholidis yang very the hunk tu ? '

P/s: Kejam dengan diri sendiri pon tak boleh, apatah lagi kejam dengan orang lain. Treat others as you want them to treat you  ❤

Wordless Wednesday

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Sobre La Vida

Dear all,

Whatever happen in your life, keep going forward.
If you feel hurt, rub your chest.. so that the pain will go away.
If you feel sad, just cry because it will make you feel better after you cried.
If you feel like want to give up in life, no. Please stop to feel like that.
No one deserve to give up because whatever happen, tell this to yourself
' I am strong. I am such a strong person. I was born to be strong and I don't care what people will say about me. I'll just being myself and I deserve the best in my life.'

Your past is your past. Don't look back if it'll make you feel weak.
Keep going forward to grab your bright future.
As the journey goes on, colours your life to be colorful as you want it to be because you only live once.
Your life is your life.
Better make it be beautiful and precious that you will treasure even in another life.
Be bold, be confidence and the most important is, embrace your life.
Count everyday of your life as a blessing journey, then you will be content with your life.
And remember,
Whatever happen in your life, keep going forward.
Positive and Tawakal are the key to the glorious life.

P/s: I want to be happy and happy and happy. Yasssssss to the happy life we go !!!!!!!!

I choose unicorn because it benevolently represent the power to 'believe' anything is possible in our life :)
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Today is the first day of class after a week of holiday.
Well, there's nothing to update but I just wanna write on my blog cause I think that writing is an antidote to loneliness. When I write, I feel like some of my problem or stress has gone. So, yeah, that's is the reason why I'm blogging - To be free away from stresssSSss.

I got one story to write for today. I went to kiosk (like a food court for UKM students) to have my lunch (read: at 4.30pm). I ordered macam biasa, nasi kosong and sup ayam. Then after paying the price for that, I went to look for a place to seat and I found one strategic place near the fan. But, I don't know what got into me just now, I saw a man eat nasi looks-like-nasi kakwok- and I greeted him,

 'Ermm beli nasi kakwok ni kat mana?'
 I saw him quite shocked with it but he replied, "Ni bukan nasi kakwok. Ni nasi manggey - with his thick Kelantanese dialect'.
 'Ohh patutlah, ingat nasi kakwok jual balik tu yang tanya tu.'
 'Taklah, tadi saya keluar mendobi kat sebelah nasi manggey..alang-alang tu terus belilah'
 'ahh I see.....' and our conversation extended until we both finish our foods.

Ohh I forgot to tell this but while we having this conversation, (me at my table and he at his table), he told me to move my things to his table AND me DID IT - walahhh a thing that Aalia will never do when she meet a stranger, men especially, cause she is so alergic with that kind of species harharhar. We borak-borak till five something and well he is my two years junior and stay at the same college.

That's all for my Random post.

p/s: Random means an unknown or odd person ! :)


Rasa itu luas maknanya. Kadang rasa itu untuk sayang, cinta, rindu, bahagia, angan-angan dan untuk memiliki. Rasa juga boleh jadi untuk makanan seperti 'ahhhh enak bangat rasanya nasi balinjau ini'. Terpulang untuk rasa mana yang anda ingin tafsirkan. Cuma, yang paling utama, rasa itu bagi aku satu perasaan yang sukar untuk diungkap dengan kata-kata. Apatah lagi dengan mata pena.

Akhir-akhir dewasa ini, aku sering menjadi seorang yang perasa. Yeah, perasa untuk disayangi, dicintai, dirindui dan perasa untuk dimiliki. Aku kira kebal hati dan jiwaku ini, namun, siapalah aku untuk menghalang perasaan ini. Mengaku dewasa, kadangkala aku ini seperti anak-anak kecil seperti adikku yang berumur sembilan tahun menurut mama dan kakakku. Menjadi anak kecil, haih sibuk benar aku mahu jadi dewasa. Jadi, aku simpulkan bahawa aku ini ada masanya menjadi si wanita perkasa dan ada ketikanya aku ini anak kecil yang masih mencari makna sesuatu rasa. Masih perlu ditunjuk ajari dalam pelajaran kehidupan.

Sekarang, aku punya rasa untuk dicintai dan menyintai. Rasanya kuat sekali sehingga aku menangis bertanya tuhan, 'aduh, mengapa sakitnya rasa ini tuhan? Kalau dengan mengejar cinta manusia itu sakit, jadi aku mohon agar Engkau hilangkan rasa cinta dan rinduku kepada dia. Aku tidak mahu rasa itu membuatkan dadaku sesak dengan mengingatinya yang (mungkin) tidak langsung memikirkan tentang aku.' Kalian mahu tahu apa yang aku rasa selepas itu? Aku rasa makin kuat ingatanku terhadap si lelaki. Aku jadi marah dan benci dengan diriku yang lemah dalam soal rasa hati. Sudah tekad, bulat hatiku mahu lupakan dia, buang namanya dari hatiku tapi aku gagal. Malamku menangis mengenangkan rasa ini, berkata aku pada diriku, 'Aalia, you are the most strong and independence lady the world ever seen. No man ever own your love, except for abah. No man ever manage to woo you with their sweet talk, charms and look. So, why now you can't handle it? You are limited edition lady that have not been in any love relationship with men. Allah promised you to be with the best man that always loyal to Him and that man will be the luckiest man in the world to own you and your heart. You should be proud with it, dear Aalia. Don't rush, keep calm and elegance, control your composure, and be patience. The precious things in life are worth to wait. Have faith in Him and He will never dissapointed you in the end.' Emangnya untuk pengetahuan, aku memang suka berbicara dalam bahasa bangsa penjajah dengan diriku kerna aku rasa lebih dekat dan mudah untuk aku mengekspresikan perasaanku. Hey, dalam dunia serba moden ini masih ada lagikah yang mahu condemn penggunaan bahasa Inggeris dalam perbualan masyarakat ??? Aku tahu jawapannya, kalian juga tahu. Jadi, kita senyap saja. Biarkan mereka bersama labu-labu mereka terjun ke laut dalam 😉.

Aku anak gadis yang sentiasa menjadikan mama abahku💑 sebagai kunci utama kebahagiaan dalam kehidupanku. Kecewa mereka, kecewalah aku. Sedih mereka, sedihlah aku. Gembira mereka, dunia ini seperti milikku dan senyuman ketawa mereka adalah kejayaanku. Tiap kali aku jatuh cinta, aku bilang mama, aku bilang abah. Siapa dia, lelaki bagai mana dia itu semua aku bilang kepada mereka. Tiada malu, kerana aku percaya apapun yang engkau lakukan..ibubapamu tahu, InshaAllah, berkat bahagia hidupmu dunia akhirat. Bila mana aku masih keseorangan tanpa teman, aku yakin yang lelaki-lelaki itu 'he's not the one'. Dan aku jadi ingat lewat-lewat doaku pada tuhan iaitu aku mahu bahagiakan mama abah dahulu sebelum aku ditemukan dengan lelaki yang ingin aku jadikan suami. Mungkin doaku itu dikabul Dia dalam cara yang aku tidak nampak lagi buat masa sekarang. Oleh itu, rasanya itu perlu berkubur. Hilanglah engkau dari hatiku dan mindaku. Aku mahu hidup tenang-tenang tanpamu yang belum tentu lagi takdir aku di dunia ini.

Janganlah engkau khuatir, siapapun yamg engkau pilih diakhir cerita nanti...aku akan bahagia untukmu. Aku akan move on dari rasa ini untukmu kerna aku percaya Allah itu sebaik-baik perancang dan Dia tahu mana yang baik, mana yang tidak baik untuk aku dan kamu😊. Jadi, akhir rasaku di lewat pagi ini, moga-moga kita semua mendapat pengakhiran yang baik dihujung kehidupan kita. Mendapat semua yang kita impikan dengan izinNya dan redhanya ibubapa, maka, gemilanglah kehidupan kita di dunia ini, syurga adalah balasannya. 'Rasa' itu juga akan muncul dengan magisnya ✨.

-Harini, pulang ke desa tercinta which is where the heart is belong 🏩💐👴👵👧👨🎈♡...... Ohhhhh and a lot of food also ツ✔

A/n : Doakan thesis ku berjaya disiapkan dengan segera dan agar syarikat yang aku intai untuk intern, sudi mengambilku. Dengan rasa sayang, aku lepaskan 'rasa' itu dari hatiku ❤.

First Day At Home During Semester Break Sem 5


Hello to you at the other sides of the world. Today is the first day for me at home after for a month and half I'm not coming back. Err not really long, ain't? *blush* Well what can I say erm my parents were really happy that I'm back. They clean and tidy up my room and I am glad thankful for what mama abah had prepared. They are the best person I could ever ask from Him. Thank God! I arrived at the home around 5 in the morning. I could not sleep but when the clock pointed at 10 am, my eyes suddenly began to close then I off to my dreamland.

Later, I heard my baby sister talk to me but I couldn't respond to her because I am very sleepy AND my head is very hurt- The perks of sleeping at the noon. Booo yahh!!! After that, I heard mama abah try to wake me up, ask me to have my lunch with some peoples they mention but I can't digest the name they mentioned. I told them, 'No, I want to sleep..mama abah je la makan dengan depa' but my father keep insists me to wake up and clean myself. When they walk away from my room, I began to open my eyes and scan the environment around me. I heard a few voices and it belongs to my aunties, uncle, and grandmother - my maternal sides. Ohh so they are la our guest for lunch. No wonder my father keeps forcing me to wake up from my sleep. I'm headed to the bathroom later and went to the kitchen. Guess what they cook? There were all my favorite dishes which are ikan siakap bakar, ikan terubuk bakar, ayam bakar, bawal emas masak tiga rasa, kari kepala ikan jenahak, PETAI and ulam-ulaman with sambal belacan and air asam with perut. Walaweh, so mouth watering. Thank you abah mama for the welcoming lunch :)

After the lunch, mama and my aunties make kuih keria gula melaka as a dessert. Ahhh I don't know whether I am in heaven or what because the first day at home, I'm already gain some weight. I don't know whether that is a good sign or not but I will stick to the first one. Hehe... Even I'm not really close with my maternal side, sometimes they can be a good company also.

Lastly, I ended my first day at home dinner with my cousin and his wife along with their daughter. What a wonderful day to be at home with your amazing parents and siblings. Tomorrow mama ask me to go to Padang Besar with Keretapi Tanah Melayu with her. Look forward to it and until the last day of my holiday.

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Indeed, it's True!
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P/s: I missing my little brother. He is not here because he currently works while waiting for his SPM result. May all the glory be with him forever and ever.

Hello 2017


This entry is technically just to shout out HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 and NOOOOO I WILL TURNING 23 soon on May!!!!!!!!!! I know I know it's already the eleventh day of January yet it's still new year guys. I have been busy with a lot of things lately. Tonight is Merdeka Day for me as final year student. Let me brag here lol.

I just finished my fifth semester in UKM and it's not a good ending to end this semester because the last paper is the most difficult compared to the last two paper. I was disappointed with it but well let move on and hoping for a flying color result. I wish this year I could be successful as ever till I get old. I want to graduate on time and get a decent work with a good salary for a fresh graduate. I want to bring mama abah to perform Haji in Makkah and give them all the pleasure they deserve in this Dunya. In sha Allah.

Also, I hope to get meet a man who will be my 'halal' company who sent by Him. I don't put too much hope for my jodoh as long as he is good for my parents and family, treat me well and can provide a happy life for me. Sooner or later, I'm fine But can you come to me after I achieve everything in my life? hehe

I pray that every person who got a special place in my heart will be rewarded a healthy, joyous, glory and prosperity in their life. Don't ask too many things in your life, instead be thankful for what you have and you will be content with it. For my family that I love the most, let's be a good servant of Him and live our life to the fullest together through thick and thin. May He grant us His Jannatul Firdaus in akhirah :)

Happy happy new year everyone. Change yourself to be better and spread positivity to all people around you. Let's create the colorful journey in this Dunya as much as we can and be pretty with a pure heart.

I f you want to be happy when you are sad, ask me how. I will gladly happy to share it with you :)

Thank you.