It has been two weeks I've started my internship in Pusat Komunikasi Korporat UKM, Bangi. I've got a lot of questions from my pakcik makcik, cousin and friends about my internship. They asked me why I choose UKM as my LI placement whereas I'm doing my degree also in UKM. Lol, is it what we called 'Jodoh?" hehehe..

Well, to answer everyone's question..I apply only three companies for my LI placement. When I told about this to my parents, they were like 'seriously aalia? Awat sikit sangat? Orang minta la banyak sikit bagi peluang tu tinggi untuk dapat dalam masa terdekat bla bla bla..' And my answer to the them was " Ma, abah...orang minta company yang orang minat ja la. Bahagian yang orang expert. Kalau main minta ja kang orang dapat, orang tak suka macam mana?'. Little, they accept my excuse because you know, my parents are among considerate people that I have ever encountered in my life ❤. Most of my classmates, I know some of them apply more than six companies and that shocking me. I felt nervous after I know about that maybe because they really work hard for our LI placement since we need to compete with a lot of students form other universities and not so many companies needed an intern. Sigh 10x !!! Urghhh I'm gonna be okay and I will get my placement for my LI.

Ohhh forgot to mention, I also upload my resume via and After my posting, I got a lot of phone calls from companies that have review my resume on that websites. I didn't said yes to all the phone calls if they asked me for an interview. This is because I read a lot of scam companies around Kuala Lumpur and that scared me to death. LOL- not really, I'm just being careful for my future career :') I google their company's name and yeahhhh some of them were a scam company. I was like, 'Lucky you Aalia you checking them first on reviews of their company and reject theirs interview. Syukur.' Then, the company I really wanted the most called me. I admit that I was really happy over the moon when I get the phone call from them but in the end, it's not goes well. The reason was, they want me to start my LI on May and clearly, I'm not finished with my study yet, hence, my viva was on the line. I declined their offer and I cried. Clearly, macam mana I takde jodoh dengan dia..begitu juga dengan company tersebut. No, big girl don't cry. Next, I got offer from Genting Berhad as well but I also declined it because urghhh I don't want to work on shift. It just for practical for god sake. Lastly, my dad asked me to just apply in UKM. He said it is easy for me to do my LI in UKM since I don't need to think about the accommodation issue like where to stay and where to rent. I accept his proposal and on my last day in UKM after my final exam, I sent my resume to Pusat Komunikasi Korporat (PKK) UKM at Canselori building. Lastly, one week after eidulfitri, I got a call from them and I got accepted. The end.

I choose PKK because there is the word ''communication''. As long as there is communication, I will apply it. I really like to do the talking and involve my self with something related to it since I have highly skill in communication- approved by people who knows me well and myself, too.☺ Now, I kinda enjoying my work here. Currently, cover events in UKM and make a news for it to be published in UKM's magazines. I'm doing both languages (Bahasa Melayu and English version) meh (-_-)'. I'm gonna stop my writing here. Be happy, be bold and be confidence in whatever you're doing right now. May all the goodness and kindness in this world belong to us.

P/s: Doakan agar I dapat GOT on this October. I really need everyone's du'a for it ! (^_^)