First Day At Home During Semester Break Sem 5


Hello to you at the other sides of the world. Today is the first day for me at home after for a month and half I'm not coming back. Err not really long, ain't? *blush* Well what can I say erm my parents were really happy that I'm back. They clean and tidy up my room and I am glad thankful for what mama abah had prepared. They are the best person I could ever ask from Him. Thank God! I arrived at the home around 5 in the morning. I could not sleep but when the clock pointed at 10 am, my eyes suddenly began to close then I off to my dreamland.

Later, I heard my baby sister talk to me but I couldn't respond to her because I am very sleepy AND my head is very hurt- The perks of sleeping at the noon. Booo yahh!!! After that, I heard mama abah try to wake me up, ask me to have my lunch with some peoples they mention but I can't digest the name they mentioned. I told them, 'No, I want to sleep..mama abah je la makan dengan depa' but my father keep insists me to wake up and clean myself. When they walk away from my room, I began to open my eyes and scan the environment around me. I heard a few voices and it belongs to my aunties, uncle, and grandmother - my maternal sides. Ohh so they are la our guest for lunch. No wonder my father keeps forcing me to wake up from my sleep. I'm headed to the bathroom later and went to the kitchen. Guess what they cook? There were all my favorite dishes which are ikan siakap bakar, ikan terubuk bakar, ayam bakar, bawal emas masak tiga rasa, kari kepala ikan jenahak, PETAI and ulam-ulaman with sambal belacan and air asam with perut. Walaweh, so mouth watering. Thank you abah mama for the welcoming lunch :)

After the lunch, mama and my aunties make kuih keria gula melaka as a dessert. Ahhh I don't know whether I am in heaven or what because the first day at home, I'm already gain some weight. I don't know whether that is a good sign or not but I will stick to the first one. Hehe... Even I'm not really close with my maternal side, sometimes they can be a good company also.

Lastly, I ended my first day at home dinner with my cousin and his wife along with their daughter. What a wonderful day to be at home with your amazing parents and siblings. Tomorrow mama ask me to go to Padang Besar with Keretapi Tanah Melayu with her. Look forward to it and until the last day of my holiday.

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P/s: I missing my little brother. He is not here because he currently works while waiting for his SPM result. May all the glory be with him forever and ever.

Hello 2017


This entry is technically just to shout out HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 and NOOOOO I WILL TURNING 23 soon on May!!!!!!!!!! I know I know it's already the eleventh day of January yet it's still new year guys. I have been busy with a lot of things lately. Tonight is Merdeka Day for me as final year student. Let me brag here lol.

I just finished my fifth semester in UKM and it's not a good ending to end this semester because the last paper is the most difficult compared to the last two paper. I was disappointed with it but well let move on and hoping for a flying color result. I wish this year I could be successful as ever till I get old. I want to graduate on time and get a decent work with a good salary for a fresh graduate. I want to bring mama abah to perform Haji in Makkah and give them all the pleasure they deserve in this Dunya. In sha Allah.

Also, I hope to get meet a man who will be my 'halal' company who sent by Him. I don't put too much hope for my jodoh as long as he is good for my parents and family, treat me well and can provide a happy life for me. Sooner or later, I'm fine But can you come to me after I achieve everything in my life? hehe

I pray that every person who got a special place in my heart will be rewarded a healthy, joyous, glory and prosperity in their life. Don't ask too many things in your life, instead be thankful for what you have and you will be content with it. For my family that I love the most, let's be a good servant of Him and live our life to the fullest together through thick and thin. May He grant us His Jannatul Firdaus in akhirah :)

Happy happy new year everyone. Change yourself to be better and spread positivity to all people around you. Let's create the colorful journey in this Dunya as much as we can and be pretty with a pure heart.

I f you want to be happy when you are sad, ask me how. I will gladly happy to share it with you :)

Thank you.