Heart Matters #3

Hello at 3.35 am and from the other side of the world!

I felt dizzy while editing proposal for my FYP then I decided to sleep at 2330 and woke up at 00.20. pfft, I slept only half an hour??? Okay..maybe that's what we called power nap at night,No? Haha screwed me up big time!

Well, y'know I have make a promise with myself that I will confess to my crush that I really really like and love him during my practical time. I think that the best way I can think after I had been thinking about it so many time. At least, I must tell him that I love him and He must know it too.

Okay. So, that's all from me at this moment/hours. 

p/s: Hi you noticed me, please! xoxo

Heart Matters #2

I don't know how many times my sister reminds me that the iPhone user knows who send them a message or WhatsApp because the sender name will pop up on the screen. But you know how forgetful I am because I forgot to delete or change my name while sending him a text. I just hide my profile picture and think I am safe (for a while)..meanwhile, the sender already knows who I am. Tsk, such a bad move Aalia! Or at least can you pretend that you don't know me so that I am not embarrassed with my stupidness. 😭

I don't want to remember what I said to him 'mimpi saya data hatimu' what the heck Aalia what the heck you're doing. I said that because I thought and confidence he doesn't know who I am but guesses I am wrong (v_v)'. And just now kemar took my phone and WhatsApp him 'Hi .....' I said nooooooo let me run away he will probably know who I am after I realized that he is an iPhone user. I am right. He asks me to buy books which are he is the seller ... And ask him do you know who I am? He said yes because it is easy to know you. Huwarghhh mama I think I want to run away I don't want to go to kiosk anymore might bump into him and he doesn't want to look at me. Ma, please help me!!! Aya did such a stupid things maaaa!!!

I wish I could delete the conversation from mine and his phone. I wish I better don't have his number and I WISH I DID NOT WHATSAPP HIM. YES, I WISH THAT but it's all too late 😧

Dear you, I might like you but I am not that cheap. So, yes maybe you already know that I like you and you just pretend like you don't know. Nevermind, lets Him decides who is the best for me. Maybe you maybe F. Who knows! 🙈

Road to Graduation


This semester is my second last semester before I will graduate from UKM. Before graduating, you need to complete your fyp and I think I want to change my thesis's topic because I think it's not suitable for me. The worst part is I never met my supervisor :( I will meet her this week or maybe next week. Needs to prepare mentally and physically ready. Wish me luck guys!

Dear me, please don't procrastinate anymore. Put love and others unimportant matter aside. Your future is more important than anything else.

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Really girls? 
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Heart matters

Currently I dont have any diary so yeah I will write it here.

So it is like this. I like this man..I know him few years ago until now. Our relationship is hard to describe because Idk whether we a re friend or not so I put it as 'complicated'.
I tell you, I like him (a lot) but I never told him. I just give him some hints and I wish he could noticed it. But, nooo he act like he doesnt know my feeling towards him. I'm so disappointed with him T.T . Man, how can I say I really love you. I am a woman.. I have my pride and gengsi to take care off. How can I confess my feeling at you then you rejected it.. Idk where will I put my face if that will happen. Can't you realised it even for once???

Through the years we had known each other, we never talk face to face. We just meet at somewhere..you sat there, I sat there..distance make us apart. Even in the same place, I can only see your face and your smile to your friends. Not to me. Tsk! We only upgraded our relationship when we smiles to each other but that was a few month ago. Can't you believe guys we know almost 3years but what he and I had done with our complicated relationship..only SMILE. Smile guys..not talking to each other. How I wish I could talk to him but I think if it happens I wouldnt dare to speak to him because I am so shyyy!!! (U_U)'' I may be brave with men but when it comes to someone I like, I eventually turn so malu-malu kucing like it so not me. Bhaha-

Dear you, I dont have much expectation about our relationship. Maybe at least tell me do you have the same feeling towards me or not. I'm not that kind of girl who had experience in relationship because I never had one in my life. I'm only have mama abah and my siblings to talk about guy but never do relationship with man. I wish you are the first and last man that I fall in love with. I told you, I dont like couple before married. I want to be love by someone who is halal for me so that I can give him all my love through action without hesitation. Please tell me you want me (even we are not coupling..I will be your friend till we get married) . I save my heart for the best man. May you are the one He send to me! InshaAllah

I end my post with a light heart because I already confess it eventhough through my blog. I hope you read it - xoxo