#1 Lady

I always told myself that I am a strong woman and nobody can hurt me. I care less about people I don't really know and I care much about people that I love. I always believe in myself. whenever I fall, I will get up again with the help of myself. If I wanted something in my life, I will go to get it even it's late... I will get it. Just one thing that I never chased. LOVE. I, never chased men if I did not get him. If I like and love that man, but he doesn't like me and return  my feeling towards him.. I'll be okay. I may be sad but I will move on after that. If he is not meant for me, then why should I go for him? Let Him, Allah SWT decide who is the best for me. I know, there will be a good man who is worthy for me to wait. Who is good to my family, mama abah and me. I don't need a perfect man who is being chased by all woman.. what I need is only a man that can tolerate with my nonsense, that can company me reading books in our small library and that kind of man who is willing to accept all my flaw. The most important is, he must guide my straight to Jannah because that is my aim to find a husband. I wanted to be a good Muslimah guide by my spouse one fine day. In sha Allah.

Hi, my name is Aalia Shahira, Am I yours?

The Eye

It’s all over, I forgot it all
Finally, I’ve erased you
It was so long, it was so hard
But I’m saying goodbye to this break-up

It has all ended, it has all stopped
Finally, light is coming down
The stormy rain and the wind
Has finally stopped but
Your memories
Wrap around me again
Even when I take one step
I get drenched with you
The place I left you
The place I ran away from
It’s the center of my memories of you
I finally realize
After a break up that hasn’t ended
I’m saying goodbye to this break-up
The fate that has remained with me
I try to escape from you
I try to run far away
But I’m swept up by you again
After a break up that hasn’t ended
I’m saying goodbye to this break-up
These feelings that I still have
I can’t forget you, I can’t erase you
With eyes filled with sin
I’m trapped in your eyes
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Favorite lady of myself
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You were so beautiful
We were so happy
In your memories
In the light of the memories
I think I could live
But I don’t think I can do this again
I don’t think I can pierce through you and leave
In your photo
I’m reflected in those eyes
I still can’t do anything
So I’m crying
Your eyes, your face
They sweep me up again
You fall as rain that are like prison bars
Closing up my heart