A Day with Family in Gunung Jerai

Hi, Assalamualaikum

Here is a quick update and will posting a lot of picture. So, bear with me :D

Last month, my family and I went up to Jerai Hill in Gurun located in Kedah. I honestly love this place more than Cameron Highland and Bukit Tinggi. The view up the hill was really inconceivable because it's too pretty and amazing, MashaAllah. It's really cold and windy and fresh.

Well, let's not waste our time by write and reading..

I took a picture here because of the landscape. I love how the result turns out. 

In this picture, you can clearly see mama, abah and sayang photomb my photo.

Forever my baby girl, Ariesya Nur Dania.

Abah and sayang walk hand by hand. Heart this photo damn much!

Me fefeeling like a model...hihi

Ladies in the family- mama, anis, sayang and me.

Ermm what I'm thinking while taking this photo? About you maybe? hehehehe

 P/s: You guys should come here. I promise you that no regret when coming here. It's all amazing and superb. Besides, it's FREE means no fee need to pay. Let's visit Kedah!

Final Year Presentation (FYP)


As I promised before in my twitter, I will tell you about my FYP presentation on 16th December.
It is still not too late, ain't?

Tell you the truth huh, wifi in UKM is so damn slow even the snails can be faster than this ukm wifi *sigh*. That is why I can't even update my blog due to this reason. Actually, it's always the same problem for the past three years I was here and it's never been upgraded to be better even we change it to Maxis provider.

Okay, back to the main topic. All the ELS's (English Language Studies) students know that we will have presentation for our mini-thesis on this semester yet we don't know when. Then, we get a notice saying that the presentation will be held on 16th December which is around two more freaking weeks. OMG whatttt I don't recall I even meet my supervisor but hey for the sake of this I need to meet my SV. I NEED TO MEET MY SV I REPEAT. It's not like I don't like my SV but I still clearly remember what DR Salleh, my lecturer, asking me on last semester during our Research Methodology tutorial, WHO IS YOUR SUPERVISOR, AALIA?

Me: 'DR Tan...'
DR Salleh: ohh aalia, her scope is corpus y'know so boring laaa
Me: ermmmm ohhh.. ngeee (I don't know how to react)
DR Salleh: but she is okay.
Me: I feel relieved.

Well, let's facing the reality with a brave heart and have a strong will. No matter how hard it is, you can do it. If Malaysia Boleh, you also can la! The motto I always said to myself :). Yeah, I already have a title and a brief plan for my project. What I need to do next is just explain and show it to my SV and then pooff settle. But y'know that is all a dream because when you make an appointment to make your busy SV, and the day you meet her...all your dream crashes with reality. She technically saying, "Naa I don't like your research title but it is too late if we want to change the title. So, proceed what you have done. Just repair your problem statement and your objective. You need proof for every problem statement you had mentioned. If you can finish it by this week, meet me next week. If not, don't meet me at all." Phewww berasap guysss :( #notreallyagoodfirstmeeting #Iamsad

Without having proper sleep and meal, I keep thinking about it night and day, 24/7. I basically, do not know what to edit and keep google, doing research regarding my topic. Finally, the night before the presentation day, I got a f****** brilliant idea and poof just like that I survive my proposal presentation with flying colours. I'm in seventh in heaven after that. It was worth my not-enough-sleep and all related things. I MANAGE DO IT WELL and my SV was all lost of words to ask me any questions. I just got a question from another SV regarding my literature review but I can answer it confidently.

Alhamdulillah, the thing that I worried the most is always turn out the best in myself. What I can tell you guys is never lose hope in your life. Keep being positive and calm down every little nerve in yourself. THE MOST IMPORTANCE THING YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT WHEN HAVING DIFFULTIES IN YOURLIFE IS THE DEPENDING ON ALLAH is always a must. Never stop praying and make du'a for Him to ease everything you do in your life. He will help you in your worst and make it the best for you. He will never disappoint you as long as you believe on Him and put all your trust in Him. Remember, Solat is important and your connection to Him also.

Face after done with presentation. Alhamdullilah, berkat doa mama abah, I manage to do it well.

and one with my funny yet straight SV

Till then I guess. Good luck to everyone who will have their finals on next week. Mine will start next year technically, behee (^_^)v. Pray for my successful guyss. May I graduate on time too :)

A Quick Getaway to Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi

I have been wanted to go to Bukit Tinggi since forever. I read a lot of good reviews about this place and even was mentioned a lot in some of the local novels. They said it is a romantic place for the honeymoon with a great view and amazing landscape. So, with all the superb reviews I heard, I am very excited to go there when I was 15 years old (maybe?). But, until I reaching 20 years old, I still could not able to go there because of there is too many places that I want to go end up, Bukit Tinggi is not on the first choice.

Yesterday, when my kakak slept here with me in my college room, she just said 'let's go to Bukit Tinggi today" but I replied, ''cannot la nis, I have a load of assingment needs to be done." T.T Then I realised that even I just stay in my room, my work still not working and why not going out to have a little bit of chill. Later I said "yes anis. Let's go there'". Actually, we had been planned to go to Bukit Tinggi but we misplaced it thought it was located in Fraser Hill - blame us for not familiar with our country geographical thingy. Hahaha.. in then end, we end up in Fraser Hill the last two month before. This past few week until 16 December is a very torture week for me as a final year student. There is a lot of things like the task, presentation and fyp need to be done and I almost dying because of that. I tweet my sister last Friday that 'I am stress and need a getaway soon. Bukit Tinggi perhaps?'. She replied my tweet via WhatsApp,

"you sure want to go there?"
"No, I'm not sure. Let's go to IKEA then. I've been craving for meatballs since the middle week of the semester"

Then, she did not respond to it. What the....!!!! but my sister she was like that. Still, she coming all the way from Puchong to Bangi and ask me to go out. So, yeah I got my meatballs and a lot of food. Nyum (^_^)V . After that, we went to MAHA in MAEPS, Serdang. MAHA basically an expo of agriculture and so on. If you are young at heart or doesn't have much interest in fruits, flowers and agriculture, I don't suggest you to go there. Besides you need to pay for RM5 for the parking ticket, you also need to walk very far from the expo take place. There was nothing that attracts my eyes..it was bored for me with a lot of crowds. We just bought 'rojak buah' then went back to college.

On Saturday's morning at 10am, my sister just came with an idea to go up Bukit Tinggi. We went there from UKM at 12pm after telling our parents about our planned and reached Bukit Tinggi at 3.15pm. Not very far from KL-Pahang when you had been used to drive in a very long hour, like me. Beheee xD To tell truth, I went there without any penny on my purse. Maybe I had but only the coins all I have at that moment. My sister only had RM50. After fill the oil tank RM30, she had RM20 only but we all managed to reach Bukit Tinggi with the cost. The fee to enter it (Yeah, we basically doesn;t know that there have fee for the entrance- only thought you need to pay if you want to wear Kimono) but the entrance fee is RM15 for adult and RM8 for kids. Both of us are adult so we need to pay RM30. Like I said, we only have RM20 and the coins that's not only reached rm2 how can we paid it????????? The ticket-man was very hunk with a light brown's eyes and fair skin, he allowed us to go up there without paid the ticket. He is such a kind-hearted man with a good looking face. OMG I AM FALL IN LOVE AT THE MOMENTS TOWARDS THAT GUY. I FORGOT TO ASK HIS NAME WHAT A SHAME. tsk...there goes my so called 'takde jodoh'. kahkahkah That guys must be thinking "Lol, dah xde duit gigih mai buat apa duk ja la kat rumah tu". We have money, okay but we thought they have ATM up there but no okay. So guys, bring cash if you want to go Bukit Tinggi. Debit or credit if you want to buy foods, you can use that. We keep laughing at the accident we encountered with the ticket-man and thankful how lucky we are to get in for free. Hihihi

Up the hill, near the French Village, there was dinner for the VIP and VVIP of Malaysia because there was minister attend it. Arrived at the village, the weather is cold and like the reviews I had read, the view is amazing and superb. We go there just to calm our mind and stress. Overall for our trip there, we were lucky not to pay the entrance fee because it is not worth it just to take pictures only without doing nothing there. WHAT WE DID WERE JUST TAKING SELFIE AND PHOTOS AND EAT. The cheese pizza and spaghetti Aglio olio at the French Restaurant I told you was sinfully delicious- minus the price. I can rate my journey there 9/10. 9 because of the nice ticket-man only and the bus provided by the company for the visitors.

Life as a Final Year Student

Hello December,

It's always the month that I will look forward to because there has been two birthday in my family which my dad and my brother's birthday.  It's also because it is the last month of the year. I wish it will also be the best month for me to end this year.

As I told before, I am in the last year as a student in National University of Malaysia (UKM), major in English. Well, to be truth, I still in dilemma and denial that I have to do a thesis. It's not hard but when it comes to an idea of what topic you gonna do, you will be lost. Trust me! I have a lot of presentation and assingment that need to be done in this month but too lazy to do that T.T. The most important thing is I have to present the three chapter of my FYP on this coming 16th December which I do not prepare anything yet. Screwed me up big time baby!!!!!!!!

Dear Allah, help and guide me through thick and thin. I want to make them proud and myself too. I want to graduate on time also.

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Tick Tock Tick Tock the time is running out..... 
source: Google Image

#1 Lady

I always told myself that I am a strong woman and nobody can hurt me. I care less about people I don't really know and I care much about people that I love. I always believe in myself. whenever I fall, I will get up again with the help of myself. If I wanted something in my life, I will go to get it even it's late... I will get it. Just one thing that I never chased. LOVE. I, never chased men if I did not get him. If I like and love that man, but he doesn't like me and return  my feeling towards him.. I'll be okay. I may be sad but I will move on after that. If he is not meant for me, then why should I go for him? Let Him, Allah SWT decide who is the best for me. I know, there will be a good man who is worthy for me to wait. Who is good to my family, mama abah and me. I don't need a perfect man who is being chased by all woman.. what I need is only a man that can tolerate with my nonsense, that can company me reading books in our small library and that kind of man who is willing to accept all my flaw. The most important is, he must guide my straight to Jannah because that is my aim to find a husband. I wanted to be a good Muslimah guide by my spouse one fine day. In sha Allah.

Hi, my name is Aalia Shahira, Am I yours?

The Eye

It’s all over, I forgot it all
Finally, I’ve erased you
It was so long, it was so hard
But I’m saying goodbye to this break-up

It has all ended, it has all stopped
Finally, light is coming down
The stormy rain and the wind
Has finally stopped but
Your memories
Wrap around me again
Even when I take one step
I get drenched with you
The place I left you
The place I ran away from
It’s the center of my memories of you
I finally realize
After a break up that hasn’t ended
I’m saying goodbye to this break-up
The fate that has remained with me
I try to escape from you
I try to run far away
But I’m swept up by you again
After a break up that hasn’t ended
I’m saying goodbye to this break-up
These feelings that I still have
I can’t forget you, I can’t erase you
With eyes filled with sin
I’m trapped in your eyes
Image result for crown princess mary of denmark
Favorite lady of myself
Picture credit to Google Image
You were so beautiful
We were so happy
In your memories
In the light of the memories
I think I could live
But I don’t think I can do this again
I don’t think I can pierce through you and leave
In your photo
I’m reflected in those eyes
I still can’t do anything
So I’m crying
Your eyes, your face
They sweep me up again
You fall as rain that are like prison bars
Closing up my heart

Heart Matters #3

Hello at 3.35 am and from the other side of the world!

I felt dizzy while editing proposal for my FYP then I decided to sleep at 2330 and woke up at 00.20. pfft, I slept only half an hour??? Okay..maybe that's what we called power nap at night,No? Haha screwed me up big time!

Well, y'know I have make a promise with myself that I will confess to my crush that I really really like and love him during my practical time. I think that the best way I can think after I had been thinking about it so many time. At least, I must tell him that I love him and He must know it too.

Okay. So, that's all from me at this moment/hours. 

p/s: Hi you noticed me, please! xoxo

Heart Matters #2

I don't know how many times my sister reminds me that the iPhone user knows who send them a message or WhatsApp because the sender name will pop up on the screen. But you know how forgetful I am because I forgot to delete or change my name while sending him a text. I just hide my profile picture and think I am safe (for a while)..meanwhile, the sender already knows who I am. Tsk, such a bad move Aalia! Or at least can you pretend that you don't know me so that I am not embarrassed with my stupidness. 😭

I don't want to remember what I said to him 'mimpi saya data hatimu' what the heck Aalia what the heck you're doing. I said that because I thought and confidence he doesn't know who I am but guesses I am wrong (v_v)'. And just now kemar took my phone and WhatsApp him 'Hi .....' I said nooooooo let me run away he will probably know who I am after I realized that he is an iPhone user. I am right. He asks me to buy books which are he is the seller ... And ask him do you know who I am? He said yes because it is easy to know you. Huwarghhh mama I think I want to run away I don't want to go to kiosk anymore might bump into him and he doesn't want to look at me. Ma, please help me!!! Aya did such a stupid things maaaa!!!

I wish I could delete the conversation from mine and his phone. I wish I better don't have his number and I WISH I DID NOT WHATSAPP HIM. YES, I WISH THAT but it's all too late 😧

Dear you, I might like you but I am not that cheap. So, yes maybe you already know that I like you and you just pretend like you don't know. Nevermind, lets Him decides who is the best for me. Maybe you maybe F. Who knows! 🙈

Road to Graduation


This semester is my second last semester before I will graduate from UKM. Before graduating, you need to complete your fyp and I think I want to change my thesis's topic because I think it's not suitable for me. The worst part is I never met my supervisor :( I will meet her this week or maybe next week. Needs to prepare mentally and physically ready. Wish me luck guys!

Dear me, please don't procrastinate anymore. Put love and others unimportant matter aside. Your future is more important than anything else.

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Really girls? 
Image: Google

Heart matters

Currently I dont have any diary so yeah I will write it here.

So it is like this. I like this man..I know him few years ago until now. Our relationship is hard to describe because Idk whether we a re friend or not so I put it as 'complicated'.
I tell you, I like him (a lot) but I never told him. I just give him some hints and I wish he could noticed it. But, nooo he act like he doesnt know my feeling towards him. I'm so disappointed with him T.T . Man, how can I say I really love you. I am a woman.. I have my pride and gengsi to take care off. How can I confess my feeling at you then you rejected it.. Idk where will I put my face if that will happen. Can't you realised it even for once???

Through the years we had known each other, we never talk face to face. We just meet at somewhere..you sat there, I sat there..distance make us apart. Even in the same place, I can only see your face and your smile to your friends. Not to me. Tsk! We only upgraded our relationship when we smiles to each other but that was a few month ago. Can't you believe guys we know almost 3years but what he and I had done with our complicated relationship..only SMILE. Smile guys..not talking to each other. How I wish I could talk to him but I think if it happens I wouldnt dare to speak to him because I am so shyyy!!! (U_U)'' I may be brave with men but when it comes to someone I like, I eventually turn so malu-malu kucing like it so not me. Bhaha-

Dear you, I dont have much expectation about our relationship. Maybe at least tell me do you have the same feeling towards me or not. I'm not that kind of girl who had experience in relationship because I never had one in my life. I'm only have mama abah and my siblings to talk about guy but never do relationship with man. I wish you are the first and last man that I fall in love with. I told you, I dont like couple before married. I want to be love by someone who is halal for me so that I can give him all my love through action without hesitation. Please tell me you want me (even we are not coupling..I will be your friend till we get married) . I save my heart for the best man. May you are the one He send to me! InshaAllah

I end my post with a light heart because I already confess it eventhough through my blog. I hope you read it - xoxo


I wish I could delete your memories about me and let's start a new relationship without love meddle our relationship. I can work very professional but you make it like it is a very hard to deal. Come on, I think about my bright future. If I think about you, you think I want to do it? Naa my feeling to you right now is a mutual feeling. I do not love you anymore like the way I do before. I learn my lesson well from you so why should I hurt my feeling twice about you?  I already move on from you..I just want a good teamwork with you and pleaseee forget the past will youuuu???


a/n: Don't let the past ruin your happiness. Chin high, ignore them!

In the same place (:

When I hear that song while walking along the streets,
I occasionally think of you ( say hello to you )
When I walk past the cafe we used to go together,
I occasionally think of you ( say hello to you )
We pretend not to know each other, looking elsewhere
We walk different paths, in this space that we don't understand 
Under the same sky, at the same time, at the same place,
We are probably seeing other people.
We are too young and didn't understand love
I wish you happiness, now goodbye, goodbye.
When I eat the candy floss that we used to eat together,
I occasionally think of you.
When I walk alone along the path you used to walk with me,
I occasionally think of you!

Source: Google Image
p/s: Even we are in the same place at the same time and under the same sky, the probability for you to notice me maybe 0% because you choose not to notice me, Dear you, please notice me someday!

Ego #1

Kalau balik rumah, Ariesya wajib tidoq dengan kakak. So, aku balik rumah baru-baru ni..nak sambut Ramadhan dengan family la. Tiap-tiap malam sebelum tidoq mesti aku akan cakap macam nie kat Ariesya, "yang, peluk kakak yang. Sya belagak la nie takmau peluk kakak." *sambil buat muka sedih*
Then, tahu apa dia balas malam tu? Dia cakap,
"Kak aya, kak ayakan kakak. Kakak la kena peluk adik, bukannya adik peluk kakak. Ish tu pon nak kena ajaq" K TERUS SENTAP. Baru kakak tau ego Ariesya tinggi noh. Fine, kakak tak kisah. Kakak tak ego *sambil peluk sayang*..Erghh
Kakak rindu sya. Membesar jadi anak gadis yang cergas dan pintar ye sayang? I love you :*

History on 2016

Okay...how to start? Ermmm welll urmmmm it's about an accident which I will not able to forget. Uhm NO. I don't want to forget about it because that's one of my greatest memory on this year to be highlight. 

               Cenggini cerita dia.. on Wednesday, June 1, I was driving somewhere with my sister from Bangi to Putrajaya to Damansara then KL with a not-so-many-fuel-on the tank. We just gamble like 'ermm okay I think the fuel was enough for us to go back but if not, we can fill the fuel at the gas station somewhere in KL.' - That what we thought  so we just go on like what we had decide. Actually my sister came to pick me up at my college in 10 am maybe but I am so sleepy cause I just came back from Kedai roti canai Pokok Nangka in Teras Jernang with akak master next door. I had a little accident after eating the roti canai (roti tampal and roti kosong plus teh tarik. The roti canai there are superb marvellous I told you). That were what I ate. I know I ate like a monster but who cares cause I am starving at that time- Did not sleep through the night and whatsapp akak master to makan roti canai. After done with our breakfast at the stall, I felt dizzy and nausea both in my head and stomach. I want to puke but akak said she wants to fill the fuel at Petronas later so I thought okay I can go to the ladies at Petronas. But I did not puke in the Petronas. I did puke when we already in our college. I jump out from the car (literally) then puke in the drain. All my roti canai and teh tarik goes to the drain. Kudos to you (U_U). I realized that I need to sleep to gain back my energy and I went staraight to my block, open my scarf and went to the toilet to basuh muka and kumur mulut then back to my rooom kebabooommmm... Then around one hour something like that somewhere knocking my door which was my sister. She was scolded me because we already planned to do some shopping but me look so horrible with just woke up from sleep and did not shower yet but I told her I already had my bath and just came back from the breakfast and gave me some time to sleep. While in sleeping, I heard she talk to someone on the phone and ohhh she talk to my family probably they kutuk-kutuk me like ohhh dia dahlah bersiap lama dah tu mandi pon lama and I remembered, I said arghhh orang dah mandilah cuma tak cukup tidoq ja. Then, I slept back LOL. 

              At 3pm to be precise, we went out straight to makan at some kedai ala rumah bangi and to Bangi Sentral looking for baju raya and pallazo for mama. After that we just round round Bangi and Putrajaya...and I craving for meatballs from IKEA and doughnut from Dottys. We headed to TTDI and Damansara- on our way there, I said to my sister 'nak isi minyak dekat highway or not?' she replied 'sebelum balik kita isi. sempat ni'. - The meter showed we can go more than 70km. So yeah, we did not fill the tank. I drove from Bangi to Damansara with the meter tank showed only 75km the car can go. In the end, we did not went to TTDI nor Damansara. We changed our route to Bangsar Village to go to Fashion Valet outlet and then, KL because I want to try some foods in Dopio cafe located in Tabung Haji Tower in KL. The clock show 5.40 pm and the cafe will closed at 8pm on the weekdays so I thought sempat kot. But of course my prediction was TOTALLY WRONG (X). The road was heavily congested with cars and we were like what the....it was still early (we arrived in KL around 4.30pm) did not expect the workers will went out early. At that time, the fuel's meter already 'kelip-kelip' to indicate that the care was running out of the fuel but we husnuzon thinking that the jam probably wont last long we can still survive untill we found the gas station. We stuck in the jam almost 4hours in the middle of KL near Ampang Park and that the started of our panicking. When I press the car's gear, dia dah semput sikit. My sister dah marah I dah sambil membebel 'KL time macam ni memang jam' but I said to her "I forgot that it was school holiday so that's why KL sesak semacam'. Idk why people who do not live in KL so teruja to come here when the school holiday. Can they go to relaxing place other than stressing place like KL? From the right lane, I gave signal to go to the left lane due to running out of the fuel and we surely dont want to add more reason to the congested issue at the moment dan juga mangsa makian driver-driver yang lain. It was quite hard yknow because there was a lot of car and they dont want to give you the chance to move your car- well that's Malaysian we talking about..fuhhhhh. It's better for you move to the side which you can stop your car or have the emergency lane so that people will know you are in trouble. I parked my car in Ampang park - at the bus stop but it's okay you are on emergency. I went out from my car..running to other side of the road to find any policemen in that area. 20 minutes walking, I saw the police's van in front of Continental Hotel. Phewww penat meh jalan dari seberang to there. Berpeluh-peluh -_-'. I approached a Malay policemen told him what my problem was with my tersekat-sekat percakapan sebab penat. He said, wait ahh I will ask my friend to help u' sambil membebel apalah lama sangat pergi tandas kat kawan dia. So, half an hour after that (lama kan?), the friend finally show up..an Indian policemen. The malay policemen ask the indian policemen to go to gas station while giving him a few small mineral bottle to fill the oil for my car. I told him my car's number and both of them said ''orang utaraaa" and I realized one of them of course from the north also. I went back to the car, redah jalan jam sebab kereta tak boleh gerak so that's why berani je. hahaha lol. Told my sister about that little conversation I had with them (its long actually but I cut it off). We waited for him and 16 minutes later maybe, the police came with the petrol and all people in the cars were staring at us and wondered what had happened. The Indian police help us to fill the fuel for the car and did not want to take the money for the petrol. He said "I am from Penang also. Don't have to bayar lahh"  and my sister and I was like "No please take the money. At least for kopi or dinner?". He replied "NO. It's nothing la tak sampai berapa ringgit pon." Kitaorang dah serba salah dah sebab hulur dua tiga kali still insist takmau ambil so, okay. After saying our REALLY appreciation to him, thanking him the he blah. We laughing out loud in the car thinking about what had happened..malu, risau, bimbang and panik. Fikir macam mana kalau kereta mati tengah jalan confrm kena maki and hon berleluasa pakat tuju dekat kami. Lucky juga sempat pergi lane kiri untuk berhenti the car and met a very nice Indian police. Just because we are from the north, he did a good deed for us which we will not forgot it untill we die.

Thank you, A big thank you would not enough but I pray for your successful in your job and keep doing a good deed to all the people. Even I forgot to see your name because of the chaotic situation, We will remember you as a kind policemen. Arigatou Gozaimaz.
I know it's a very long post but who cares? Just read if you want. :)

p/s: We are not from Penang, We are from Kedah. I already told the, but they did not heard it I gues. All in all, we are Malaysian and we should be united no matter what our race, culture and religion. We are 1 Malaysia, remember? heh :P 

Running out of Time

Olla, currently in my college room and I am still wide awake at 3.10 am.
This week is a very challenging for us as a uni. student where all assignment and presentation need to be done and sent. Here, besides doing my open coding and transcription for my elective subject, I am also updating my blog. Behee sues me T.T .

Every day, during past few weeks my sleeping routine will be after Subuh. I will sleep early through the night..after Isyak sometime or early than that. Then, wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning. Doing my assignment or lagha hahaha. Well, that is me YOLO. Today, my friend ask me to accompany her dating but I declined the invitation because I have a group discussion for my elective subject which is ATP at our campus library, PTSL just down my college. I ask them to meet in the morning so that I can accompany my friend but my other teammates got a replace class. In the end, I told my friend I can't promise you my presence because of that reason. Kalau takdak group discussion, boleh aku pergi makan laksa dengan cendol di Tasik Cempaka sambil ditemani bayu tasik tapi malangya.... your study is importance ahh I told you. Cendol and laksa can wait but assignment cannot. Floria Putrajaya too mihmih >.<'. I calm myself by saying 'nevermind, my sister will coming to me on Wednesday to hangout and makan-makan. I can paw her lor' kihkih please keep it secret from anis, will you guys? Nanti I belanja korang choki-choki if you guys manage to hide it from my sister *pinkypromish*

Errrr while typing my blog entry, I feel sleeping suddenly so yeah after finishing my entry, I'm gonna sleep. Dear angles, wake me up when Subuh. I need to pray so that my god will always be with me through my hardships and happiness. Wish me all the best in my study. I pray the same for you guys also.

Goodnight and Goodmorning from me. May today and every day our journey in this Dunya will be good and smooth :)


Well hello,

I don't know whether I should write on this blog again because it had been a while since my last blog post. I just wondering, sometimes what are we looking in our life? Perhaps a bright future, a happy family, a successful person or maybe lucky in love or ALL?

       For me, I want everything a person could wish in their life but NO. It is not easy like ABC. I can't think of myself only. I need to include my family in my life planner and my family is my main priority. I have a dream, like everyone but if they not happy with my choice. I will not give up on my dream. I will follow what they want me to do but still, I will continue what I want in my life. I want everyone to be happy with what I do. I want mama and abah blessing in every little thing I do and I want them to support me through my ups and down. I don't trust people easily because I have a trust issue with people. I may look like I can join everybody without hesitation but TRUST ME, I already make a list WHY and WHO I should be with besides my family members. Naa, me myself is an easy going person. I can cope well with any person I work and friends. Inside? I am battling with my own heart.

        I am a person that do not share my problem with others. I may talk about my crush, my dream wedding dresses my dream with a man called the husband to my friends but on the serious problem.. I will keep it to myself. I will let my heart crying out loud without no one notice because I put a big BIG smile on my pretty face ( No- I'm kidding about being pretty :p). You probably won't detect my sadness and notice if I am having difficulties in my life. I will talk to myself, I will write in my diary if I am being rajin to write, I will talk to Him in my prayer, I will cry, cry and cry, I will go to any place that has less public there and I will shout loudly Arghhhhhaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhh like I own that place LOL. Hahaha, There is one place in Putrajaya that I always go when I am in the sad mood or while I'm facing a problem in my life. I will go alone or sometimes I will go with someone I trust then I will talk my problem to her, crying, shouting and laugh together. Lucky, no police there or else we or myself will go to the jail *insert laughing-till-cry emoji*.

        But in all problems I'm having in my life, I never did something stupid or regret with what I had done. I will solve my problems as careful as possible so that I can enjoy my life with full of colors and meaningful. Well, what life if you always HAPPY and get everything you wish. Sometimes you need a little bit drama to add spice in your life. Wouldn't it would be great if you taste every spice in your life. Sad, angry, happy, frustrated and all? I believe everyone had tasted some spices in their life. It depends on how you handle it when you are having some sort of difficulties. Just try to solve it slowly and move on from it as soon as you already manage your problems. DON'T LOOK AT THE BACK - maybe look for learnt your mistake but not to regret it. MOVE FORWARD FOR BRIGHT FUTURE so that your next journey for future will be as colourful as you want to paint it. Look for the bright side for something happen in your life cause everything happen for a REASON, right? Once and until now, I always told myself to BE STRONG and KEEP FIGHTING for my BEST. Let's other judging you, you just walk away from them and KEEP YOUR CHIN HIGH. Don't stop dreaming because from your dream.. you will create a beautiful story in your life.

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SMILE even your life get hard
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a/n: Happy Aalia is happy and she will never stop her DREAM to put herself on top of the world. To be a successful woman every woman could ask for.