I wish You are mine


I wish , I am yours . 
But I know it was like a day dream . 
I wish you to know me,
I wish you to see me ,
I wish us to meet ,
I wish you to greet me ,
I wish you to smile at me ,
I wish you to love me , 
I wish you to look at me . Just only me 
I wish you are mine . 
I always pray to Him that you are made to be my life partner 
The one who will be with me untill the last breath
and Insyaallah , 
Untill the Jannah
Dear Ya Rahim , 
Is it too much I ask ?

If we are meant to be together , 
Could we still be like this in the end ?
I hope the answer is the big BIG ,  YES
with His bless , nothing impposible .
Just follow His guidance , we are bless by Him .

Happy just the way we are .
and If we are meant to be together
I am the most happiest girl 'cause
He listen to my du'a ! :)

and Dear you , please Note that

and it was me . The "someone" .

p/s : I wish you would just LOVE ME , F 


nazirulhazwan~ said...

utk pakwe?

Aalia Shahira said...

hmm , someone i used to like but he doesn't know pon . sobs :(

moonera moon said...

i have the same feeling too.. mmg susah nak kawal perasaan.. tpi tiap kali perasaan tu dtg, cepat2 ambil wudhuk, solat or baca quran... cuz i'm afraid of that feeling... i'm afraid to admit that i'm in love with him. :(

Aalia Shahira said...

satu cara yang boleh diaplikasikan juga and mmg berkesan . terima kasih singgah sini moon :)

unsecretostory said...

Bnyak2 doa eh . Kalaw dia jodoh Aalia insha ALLAH dia tetap untuk Aalia :D
Pray to you dear :)

Aalia Shahira said...

Insyaallah :) thanks awak ^^