In the same place (:

When I hear that song while walking along the streets,
I occasionally think of you ( say hello to you )
When I walk past the cafe we used to go together,
I occasionally think of you ( say hello to you )
We pretend not to know each other, looking elsewhere
We walk different paths, in this space that we don't understand 
Under the same sky, at the same time, at the same place,
We are probably seeing other people.
We are too young and didn't understand love
I wish you happiness, now goodbye, goodbye.
When I eat the candy floss that we used to eat together,
I occasionally think of you.
When I walk alone along the path you used to walk with me,
I occasionally think of you!

Source: Google Image
p/s: Even we are in the same place at the same time and under the same sky, the probability for you to notice me maybe 0% because you choose not to notice me, Dear you, please notice me someday!

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