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I don't know whether I should write on this blog again because it had been a while since my last blog post. I just wondering, sometimes what are we looking in our life? Perhaps a bright future, a happy family, a successful person or maybe lucky in love or ALL?

       For me, I want everything a person could wish in their life but NO. It is not easy like ABC. I can't think of myself only. I need to include my family in my life planner and my family is my main priority. I have a dream, like everyone but if they not happy with my choice. I will not give up on my dream. I will follow what they want me to do but still, I will continue what I want in my life. I want everyone to be happy with what I do. I want mama and abah blessing in every little thing I do and I want them to support me through my ups and down. I don't trust people easily because I have a trust issue with people. I may look like I can join everybody without hesitation but TRUST ME, I already make a list WHY and WHO I should be with besides my family members. Naa, me myself is an easy going person. I can cope well with any person I work and friends. Inside? I am battling with my own heart.

        I am a person that do not share my problem with others. I may talk about my crush, my dream wedding dresses my dream with a man called the husband to my friends but on the serious problem.. I will keep it to myself. I will let my heart crying out loud without no one notice because I put a big BIG smile on my pretty face ( No- I'm kidding about being pretty :p). You probably won't detect my sadness and notice if I am having difficulties in my life. I will talk to myself, I will write in my diary if I am being rajin to write, I will talk to Him in my prayer, I will cry, cry and cry, I will go to any place that has less public there and I will shout loudly Arghhhhhaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhh like I own that place LOL. Hahaha, There is one place in Putrajaya that I always go when I am in the sad mood or while I'm facing a problem in my life. I will go alone or sometimes I will go with someone I trust then I will talk my problem to her, crying, shouting and laugh together. Lucky, no police there or else we or myself will go to the jail *insert laughing-till-cry emoji*.

        But in all problems I'm having in my life, I never did something stupid or regret with what I had done. I will solve my problems as careful as possible so that I can enjoy my life with full of colors and meaningful. Well, what life if you always HAPPY and get everything you wish. Sometimes you need a little bit drama to add spice in your life. Wouldn't it would be great if you taste every spice in your life. Sad, angry, happy, frustrated and all? I believe everyone had tasted some spices in their life. It depends on how you handle it when you are having some sort of difficulties. Just try to solve it slowly and move on from it as soon as you already manage your problems. DON'T LOOK AT THE BACK - maybe look for learnt your mistake but not to regret it. MOVE FORWARD FOR BRIGHT FUTURE so that your next journey for future will be as colourful as you want to paint it. Look for the bright side for something happen in your life cause everything happen for a REASON, right? Once and until now, I always told myself to BE STRONG and KEEP FIGHTING for my BEST. Let's other judging you, you just walk away from them and KEEP YOUR CHIN HIGH. Don't stop dreaming because from your dream.. you will create a beautiful story in your life.

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SMILE even your life get hard
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a/n: Happy Aalia is happy and she will never stop her DREAM to put herself on top of the world. To be a successful woman every woman could ask for.

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