Running out of Time

Olla, currently in my college room and I am still wide awake at 3.10 am.
This week is a very challenging for us as a uni. student where all assignment and presentation need to be done and sent. Here, besides doing my open coding and transcription for my elective subject, I am also updating my blog. Behee sues me T.T .

Every day, during past few weeks my sleeping routine will be after Subuh. I will sleep early through the night..after Isyak sometime or early than that. Then, wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning. Doing my assignment or lagha hahaha. Well, that is me YOLO. Today, my friend ask me to accompany her dating but I declined the invitation because I have a group discussion for my elective subject which is ATP at our campus library, PTSL just down my college. I ask them to meet in the morning so that I can accompany my friend but my other teammates got a replace class. In the end, I told my friend I can't promise you my presence because of that reason. Kalau takdak group discussion, boleh aku pergi makan laksa dengan cendol di Tasik Cempaka sambil ditemani bayu tasik tapi malangya.... your study is importance ahh I told you. Cendol and laksa can wait but assignment cannot. Floria Putrajaya too mihmih >.<'. I calm myself by saying 'nevermind, my sister will coming to me on Wednesday to hangout and makan-makan. I can paw her lor' kihkih please keep it secret from anis, will you guys? Nanti I belanja korang choki-choki if you guys manage to hide it from my sister *pinkypromish*

Errrr while typing my blog entry, I feel sleeping suddenly so yeah after finishing my entry, I'm gonna sleep. Dear angles, wake me up when Subuh. I need to pray so that my god will always be with me through my hardships and happiness. Wish me all the best in my study. I pray the same for you guys also.

Goodnight and Goodmorning from me. May today and every day our journey in this Dunya will be good and smooth :)

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