Final Year Presentation (FYP)


As I promised before in my twitter, I will tell you about my FYP presentation on 16th December.
It is still not too late, ain't?

Tell you the truth huh, wifi in UKM is so damn slow even the snails can be faster than this ukm wifi *sigh*. That is why I can't even update my blog due to this reason. Actually, it's always the same problem for the past three years I was here and it's never been upgraded to be better even we change it to Maxis provider.

Okay, back to the main topic. All the ELS's (English Language Studies) students know that we will have presentation for our mini-thesis on this semester yet we don't know when. Then, we get a notice saying that the presentation will be held on 16th December which is around two more freaking weeks. OMG whatttt I don't recall I even meet my supervisor but hey for the sake of this I need to meet my SV. I NEED TO MEET MY SV I REPEAT. It's not like I don't like my SV but I still clearly remember what DR Salleh, my lecturer, asking me on last semester during our Research Methodology tutorial, WHO IS YOUR SUPERVISOR, AALIA?

Me: 'DR Tan...'
DR Salleh: ohh aalia, her scope is corpus y'know so boring laaa
Me: ermmmm ohhh.. ngeee (I don't know how to react)
DR Salleh: but she is okay.
Me: I feel relieved.

Well, let's facing the reality with a brave heart and have a strong will. No matter how hard it is, you can do it. If Malaysia Boleh, you also can la! The motto I always said to myself :). Yeah, I already have a title and a brief plan for my project. What I need to do next is just explain and show it to my SV and then pooff settle. But y'know that is all a dream because when you make an appointment to make your busy SV, and the day you meet her...all your dream crashes with reality. She technically saying, "Naa I don't like your research title but it is too late if we want to change the title. So, proceed what you have done. Just repair your problem statement and your objective. You need proof for every problem statement you had mentioned. If you can finish it by this week, meet me next week. If not, don't meet me at all." Phewww berasap guysss :( #notreallyagoodfirstmeeting #Iamsad

Without having proper sleep and meal, I keep thinking about it night and day, 24/7. I basically, do not know what to edit and keep google, doing research regarding my topic. Finally, the night before the presentation day, I got a f****** brilliant idea and poof just like that I survive my proposal presentation with flying colours. I'm in seventh in heaven after that. It was worth my not-enough-sleep and all related things. I MANAGE DO IT WELL and my SV was all lost of words to ask me any questions. I just got a question from another SV regarding my literature review but I can answer it confidently.

Alhamdulillah, the thing that I worried the most is always turn out the best in myself. What I can tell you guys is never lose hope in your life. Keep being positive and calm down every little nerve in yourself. THE MOST IMPORTANCE THING YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT WHEN HAVING DIFFULTIES IN YOURLIFE IS THE DEPENDING ON ALLAH is always a must. Never stop praying and make du'a for Him to ease everything you do in your life. He will help you in your worst and make it the best for you. He will never disappoint you as long as you believe on Him and put all your trust in Him. Remember, Solat is important and your connection to Him also.

Face after done with presentation. Alhamdullilah, berkat doa mama abah, I manage to do it well.

and one with my funny yet straight SV

Till then I guess. Good luck to everyone who will have their finals on next week. Mine will start next year technically, behee (^_^)v. Pray for my successful guyss. May I graduate on time too :)

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