A Day with Family in Gunung Jerai

Hi, Assalamualaikum

Here is a quick update and will posting a lot of picture. So, bear with me :D

Last month, my family and I went up to Jerai Hill in Gurun located in Kedah. I honestly love this place more than Cameron Highland and Bukit Tinggi. The view up the hill was really inconceivable because it's too pretty and amazing, MashaAllah. It's really cold and windy and fresh.

Well, let's not waste our time by write and reading..

I took a picture here because of the landscape. I love how the result turns out. 

In this picture, you can clearly see mama, abah and sayang photomb my photo.

Forever my baby girl, Ariesya Nur Dania.

Abah and sayang walk hand by hand. Heart this photo damn much!

Me fefeeling like a model...hihi

Ladies in the family- mama, anis, sayang and me.

Ermm what I'm thinking while taking this photo? About you maybe? hehehehe

 P/s: You guys should come here. I promise you that no regret when coming here. It's all amazing and superb. Besides, it's FREE means no fee need to pay. Let's visit Kedah!

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Flavnesz said...

Love the scenery! Cantik sgt.. <3