Heart Matters #2

I don't know how many times my sister reminds me that the iPhone user knows who send them a message or WhatsApp because the sender name will pop up on the screen. But you know how forgetful I am because I forgot to delete or change my name while sending him a text. I just hide my profile picture and think I am safe (for a while)..meanwhile, the sender already knows who I am. Tsk, such a bad move Aalia! Or at least can you pretend that you don't know me so that I am not embarrassed with my stupidness. 😭

I don't want to remember what I said to him 'mimpi saya data hatimu' what the heck Aalia what the heck you're doing. I said that because I thought and confidence he doesn't know who I am but guesses I am wrong (v_v)'. And just now kemar took my phone and WhatsApp him 'Hi .....' I said nooooooo let me run away he will probably know who I am after I realized that he is an iPhone user. I am right. He asks me to buy books which are he is the seller ... And ask him do you know who I am? He said yes because it is easy to know you. Huwarghhh mama I think I want to run away I don't want to go to kiosk anymore might bump into him and he doesn't want to look at me. Ma, please help me!!! Aya did such a stupid things maaaa!!!

I wish I could delete the conversation from mine and his phone. I wish I better don't have his number and I WISH I DID NOT WHATSAPP HIM. YES, I WISH THAT but it's all too late 😧

Dear you, I might like you but I am not that cheap. So, yes maybe you already know that I like you and you just pretend like you don't know. Nevermind, lets Him decides who is the best for me. Maybe you maybe F. Who knows! 🙈

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