Heart Matters #3

Hello at 3.35 am and from the other side of the world!

I felt dizzy while editing proposal for my FYP then I decided to sleep at 2330 and woke up at 00.20. pfft, I slept only half an hour??? Okay..maybe that's what we called power nap at night,No? Haha screwed me up big time!

Well, y'know I have make a promise with myself that I will confess to my crush that I really really like and love him during my practical time. I think that the best way I can think after I had been thinking about it so many time. At least, I must tell him that I love him and He must know it too.

Okay. So, that's all from me at this moment/hours. 

p/s: Hi you noticed me, please! xoxo

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