Today is the first day of class after a week of holiday.
Well, there's nothing to update but I just wanna write on my blog cause I think that writing is an antidote to loneliness. When I write, I feel like some of my problem or stress has gone. So, yeah, that's is the reason why I'm blogging - To be free away from stresssSSss.

I got one story to write for today. I went to kiosk (like a food court for UKM students) to have my lunch (read: at 4.30pm). I ordered macam biasa, nasi kosong and sup ayam. Then after paying the price for that, I went to look for a place to seat and I found one strategic place near the fan. But, I don't know what got into me just now, I saw a man eat nasi looks-like-nasi kakwok- and I greeted him,

 'Ermm beli nasi kakwok ni kat mana?'
 I saw him quite shocked with it but he replied, "Ni bukan nasi kakwok. Ni nasi manggey - with his thick Kelantanese dialect'.
 'Ohh patutlah, ingat nasi kakwok jual balik tu yang tanya tu.'
 'Taklah, tadi saya keluar mendobi kat sebelah nasi manggey..alang-alang tu terus belilah'
 'ahh I see.....' and our conversation extended until we both finish our foods.

Ohh I forgot to tell this but while we having this conversation, (me at my table and he at his table), he told me to move my things to his table AND me DID IT - walahhh a thing that Aalia will never do when she meet a stranger, men especially, cause she is so alergic with that kind of species harharhar. We borak-borak till five something and well he is my two years junior and stay at the same college.

That's all for my Random post.

p/s: Random means an unknown or odd person ! :)

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